Juggle Club

The Gettysburg Youth Soccer Club (GYSC) Juggle Club is a great way for players to practice juggling and be recognized for their achievements.

Juggling provides a solid foundation for creating a great touch on the ball. The more touches a player gets with the ball, the more comfortable and confident they will become.

Here’s how the Juggle Club works

Players will juggle on their own and when they feel they can reach a benchmark, they will juggle in front of a GYSC coach or provide a video of them juggling to a GYSC coach.

Players will receive a color-specific bracelet with the number of juggles on it for each benchmark that they meet. The more benchmarks, the more bracelets. In addition, the player on each team with the highest number of juggles at the end of the year will receive additional prizes.

The specific benchmarks are provided below. The first five benchmarks (5, 15, 25, 35, and 50 juggles) must include a majority of the juggles with your feet. All benchmarks greater than 50 must include all juggles with your feet.

Videos of some of the best soccer players juggling

Cristiano Ronaldo
Lionel Messi
Indie Cowie – Freestyle

GYSC Juggle Club sponsor

We would like to thank the Blue & Gray Bar/Grill for their generous sponsorship of the Juggle Club.

2013/2014 Juggle Club

Number of Juggles Name
5 F. LaBarbera, U9B
I. Nagy, U9B
A. Wood, U9B
W. Oaster, U9B
W. Kittelberger, U9B
S. Shelleman, U10G
I. Witt, U10G
J. Schulteis, U10G
B. Rodgers, U10G
R. Gourley, U10G
A. Oaster, U10G
B. Scneider, U11B
E. Ball, U11B
H. Crawford, U11B
A. Aumen, U11B
M. Wunsch, U11B
K. Oussoren, U11B
N. Sandoe, U11B
J.Regentin, U11B
Ev. Keyser, U12B
Et. Keyser, U12B
A. Cole, U12B
B. Lawson, U12B
J. Palmer, U12B
C. Wagner, U12B
D. Heinzelmann, U12B
H. Woodward, U12G
A. Rodgers, U12G
M. Jumper, U12G
M. Yingling, U12G
L. Reinert, U12G
J. Haines, U12G
J. Hernandez, U13B
S. Sijapati, U13B
T. Roysdon, U13B
15 N. Nordberg, U9B
N. Matteson, U12B
L. Bertram, U12G
M. Henibaugh, U12G
K. Bortner, U12G
T. Richardson, U12G
N. Clarke, U12G
K. Oaster, U12G
G. Floreck, U12G
A. Alvarez, U13B
D. Bishop, U13B
E. Wood, U13B
H. Soto, U13B
J. Santoyo, U13B
S. Cervantes, U13B
25 E. Santoya, U12G
A. Anderson, U12G
H. Lupian-Lua, U12B
A. Baldwin, U13B
W. Folger, U13B
35 J. Sanuam, U12B
A. Garcia, U13B
D. James, U13B
50 L. Christianson, U12B
75 C. Daron, U13B
L. Carbaugh, U13B
200 H. Martin, U13B
250 J. Brown, U9B