Policy 012 – GYSC Concussion Management Program

GYSC Policy 012

Concussion Management

Effective 6/19/14


 GYSC recognizes the inherent dangers and risks of youth sports, particularly in regards to concussions. Player safety is of utmost importance to GYSC. For that reason, GYSC shall follow the 5 Step policy of its parent organization, the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA). If a concussion is suspected, the coach must complete the attached concussion notification form and give it to the player’s parent or guardian. The coach must also notify the president within 24 hours of the suspected concussion.

Additionally, all GYSC head and assistant coaches, team managers and board members are required to complete the concussion education course at:


 Submit the course completion certificate to the GYSC Board of Directors Secretary upon completion. All certificates must be renewed every two years.   It is highly recommended that all parents review the course for their own education on this important issue.

The following link details the 5 Step concussion policy of the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA).


For the official GYSC concussion notification form, click here.