Policy 001 – Board of Directors

GYSC Policy 001

Duties and Responsibilities of the GYSC Board of Directors

 Effective 9/15/13


  • Presides at all regular meetings, calls and presides at Special Meetings of the Board and Membership

  • Appoints all committee chairpersons subject to approval of the Board of Directors

  • Upholds and enforces the By-laws and policies of GYSC

  • Signs, or gives authorization to sign, contracts and documents related to club business

  • Attends or appoints a member of the organization to attend appropriate outside soccer affiliated meetings

  • Supervises the affairs of the organization

  • Performs such duties as the Board of Directors or membership may direct

  • Casts a deciding vote on all issues at which Board members find themselves deadlocked

  • Arranges for or conducts an internal audit annually after elections

  • In the event of an Executive Board member resignation, the President is empowered to appoint a replacement to serve the time remaining of vacated position and upon Board approval

  • Performs as club representative and authority for all real estate and rental property transactions to include signing of tenant and/or contractor leases, agreements and communications as approved by the Board of Directors

    • Acts as landlord on behalf of club to identify property or tenant issues, request budget actions and/or to solicit repairs for the property

  • Performs all duties and actions required on behalf of the club to request, secure and enter into agreement for the use of appropriate facilities for club practices and games

  • Serves as spokesperson on behalf of GYSC in all community forums, government interactions and media outlets as needed

  • Responsible for all storm and emergency related practice and game cancellations and will notify all coaches of closed fields

  • Reconciles the monthly bank accounts as required by the bonding insurance

 Executive Vice President

  • Performs all duties and exercises all powers of the President during the absence of President

  • Serves as club insurance representative and authority for all property, league, contractor, employee and state association dealings related to liability and property and as directed by the Board of Directors

  • Submits all insurance documentation to land owners upon policy renewal and/or honors requests by those entities at anytime

  • Communicates, monitors and executes the Board of Director’s conflict of interest program for the Board of Directors

  • Serves as the Head of the nominating committee for the annual GYSC election to the Board of Directors

  • Investigates, reviews and presents recommendations on all situations that may require disciplinary action by the Board of Directors

  • Serves as liaison to AYSO and other youth soccer organizations

  • Serves as field coordinator with all field maintenance organizations and contractors including JAMCO and GASD

  • Serves as field scheduler and clearinghouse for all GYSC teams to ensure conflicts do not exist for practices and games

  • Organizes and manages game field set-ups and weekly maintenance of lining fields through team sharing/scheduling of the responsibilities

  • Responsible for maintaining field set-up kits, line paint inventories, striping machines and storage areas at all game fields

  • Creates and distributes the semi-annual team practice schedule and professional training schedule in coordination with the professional trainer and submits to the Board of Directors for Approval prior to the start of each season

  • Responsible for the procurement, placement, maintenance and instruction of any lighting mechanisms required during the fall season

  • Submits all field facility use requests to township, borough and school districts as determined by the Board of Director

 Director of Tournaments

  • Coordinates all aspects of GYSC tournament operations from selecting dates, securing facilities, advertising and marketing, hiring of personnel, contracting services and concessions, coordinating officials, accepting teams, and running the operations as determined by the Board of Directors

  • Drafts and advertises all contract proposals as directed by the Board of Directors

  • Solicits contractors for bids in a timely and reasonable manner

  • Serves as Contract Administrator for executing any tournament related business and events at the tournaments

  • In the event GYSC does not host or operate a tournament during a certain time period, the Director of Tournaments will share the responsibilities of and with the Executive Vice President


  • Records and maintains a permanent record of all regular Board of Director meetings and special meetings of the membership

  • Records and maintains all electronic motions passed by the Board of Directors and records such by attaching to the monthly meeting minutes

  • Distributes all meeting minutes to the general membership

  • Keeps all minutes of previous meetings for a ten year period and ensures all records are passed along to any newly appointed Secretary’s

  • Assists the President with club communications to include advertising, marketing and press releases

  • Serves as club historian as needed for research of past club business, previous motions passed and for identifying contradictory policy or regulation passed by the Board of Directors

  • Presents meeting minutes of monthly and special meetings for approval by the Board of Directors

  • Responsible for reserving and coordinating meeting space for all monthly and special meetings in coordination with the President

  • Records and electronically distributes all new club policies as approved by the Board of Directors

  • Records and updates all Board of Directors policy changes and distributes electronically to the membership as changes occur

  • Maintains and updates Club Website with current information, dates and documents


  • Maintains the financial records of the organization using Quickbooks

  • Responsible for the payment of all club bills as directed by the annual budget and/or by the Board of Directors

  • Collects and deposits all monies for GYSC at ACNB Inc.

  • Presents the financial health of the club at each monthly board meeting and annual membership meeting with Balance Sheets and Income and Expense reports and explanations

  • Submits a proposed budget at the June meeting of each year

  • Submits a proposed player fee for the Fall Season in April of each year

  • Coordinates all payments and financial obligations with leagues, vendors, insurance companies, tenants, contractors, parents, and others as required

  • Invoices all player accounts as dictated by club fee and payment policies

  • Files all tax related documents as required

  • Maintains tax ID number and parameters to maintain the non-profit status

  • Advises club fundraising and sponsorship efforts of financial parameters, rules and laws to follow

  • Bonded for the sum at least equal to the amount of the assets of the organization. The Board of Directors will determine exact amounts annually. The cost will be a club expense.

  • Reconciles all accounts monthly and provides monthly statements and an electronic file to the President for a reconciliation back up, required by the bonding insurer

  • Checks mail in PO Box daily and distributes as needed


  • Coordinates and manages all club registration processes between GYSC, CPYSL and EPYSA

  • Trains all coaches and team managers on administrative requirements from GYSC, league and state headquarters

  • Maintains and distributes all team rosters

  • Coordinates and oversees all roster changes through out the year.

  • Provides a monthly report to the Board of Directors

  • Serves as club liaison to CPYSL and EPYSA on registration issues

  • Forwards team fines and penalties to the Board of Directors for action

  • Manages and enforces the GYSC Risk Management program for all club leadership

 Director of Training and Coaching

  • Establish a coaching program and standards for the GYSC program in line with EPYSA and CPYSL standards

  • Recruits and recommends head and assistant coaches, taking into consideration each teams coaching history and parent input for the level of coaching desired and in turn for submission to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the start of each season

  • Evaluates coaching performance throughout the year in coordination with the professional trainer and submits negative findings and recommended actions to the Board of Directors as necessary

  • Drafts, coordinates and executes the annual contact for professional training and goalie services in coordination with Board direction and approval

  • Facilitates, monitors and executes the club’s annual concussion program in accordance with the guidance from EPYSA

  • Drafts, monitors and maintains professional trainers game and coaching analysis program in accordance with the professional trainers contract

  • Responsible for player try-outs program and recommends player team placements in coordination with the professional trainer

  • Submits all player and coaching recommendations to the Board of Directors of approval prior to placement on a team

  • Recommends specific tournaments to all team coaches based on team abilities and coaching input

  • Coordinates all secondary player placements for GYSC teams

  • Promotes opportunities for player advancement at all levels

Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship

  • Plans, coordinates and manages the GYSC Annual Fundraising program

  • Plans, coordinates and manages the GYSC Annual Sponsorship program

 Member at Large

  • Manages and oversees the club scholarship program

  • Manages and oversees the club parent work exchange program

  • Manages the club uniform inventory and ordering program